Images have disappeared

Not sure why but any pictures relating to threads are now not showing ??

Can you be specific ? I’ve done a quick surf and everything seems OK here.

I’m using my phone, but I’ve never had a prob before I’ll try and screenshot

Not sure why but all is back to normal

Checked my iPad earlier and no issues.

Let us know if it raises it’s head again.

Sobered up ?

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Didn’t touch a drop last night, unusually.

Damned eyes?

Just a dicky phone me thinks, upgrade needed

Should we make this thread a sticky?

Here’s a tasty photo I took earlier. What do people think?

That’s the shit I was getting, with img in the corner

I’ll try again. Hold on.


Nope. It’s fucked.

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Right thread


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Idiots, just use the correct tags

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It’s ok. I’ve got this.


Is it just me / my phone, or are some / all uploaded images spannered?

For instance, this thread.

–> crosses nihilist fingers hoping for impending forum apocalypse

The AA font is smaller too

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