Images have disappeared


Soon, all will be Zen: so beautiful, so empty.


I heard that but can’t see it…


Cant upload pics = “Acess Denied” - Prolly for the best in many ways


Ok, images are now showing again, let me just check on image uploading.


Ok, uploads should be fixed now too



Now sort Brexit?


Strange. It’s been working fine here.


I was fiddling around with AWS S3 storage settings, and it looks like it messed something up for a bit.



Ctrl Alt & Del would have worked fine. Try that. :+1:


Alt + F4 to reload images…


It’s Linux, so rm -rf should sort it


Over the last couple of days I have been getting system notifications deleting images - anybody any ideas why this is happening ? Most of the deleted images are ones I’ve taken myself and are small sized files.


Puzzled of Glasgow.


Data purge innit.


Will get @TMC to have a look.



Can you paste a link to the exact post; your recent ones in the album purchases thread for example all seem to have images where expected.


crosses fingers

Nihilist of London.


I got an alert which linked me to this -


I think what you might be seeing there is Jim having deleted the comment that you quoted, so the system removes all the quotes. Not 100% on that though, just trying to verify.