Images have disappeared


Can we turn that quote removal shit off? I get it occasionally, it’s fucking annoying.


Is this why I just got pinged by the system account?


:point_up: This is one of them - when I click the system notification to take me to the post this is how it appears :point_down:



Something else odd going on now

In the notifications drop down when I click on Marks @browellm reply this appears :point_down:


Mark’s reply was an edit, not a reply I think.

For the images, it wasn’t that it was taking out images, but that there was a setting which meant that if you quoted an entire post, it removed the quote and left it as a straight reply to the post. I’ve disabled this for now.


Oh dear, you’ve glimpsed behind the curtain…


We are being attacked by deep web Shaving / coffee / shoe / trolls


You mean I’ve missed my chance to do some trolling - damn it.