In the market for an estate

We are looking at getting a used low mileage estate soon. This will mainly be Nicky’s car so I will still have the Panny. Most likely a 2L diesel but will consider a larger engine. Contenders are an Audi A4, BWM 3 series or a Merc C class. Budget is anywhere between £12-£20k so most likely a 2015-2018 model.

Other options considered but she doesn’t want an SUV.

Anyone have any long term experience with any of the above.

skoda octavia estates are massive, a vrs will go well too.
Borrowed one a few times from a coworker, good cars.


Initially I thought you were looking for a large piece of land with a country house on it.

I would at least advise to make sure it’s a Euro 6 or better Euro 6d engine.
Some cities in D are limited to 6 and higher, not sure what UK ULEV requirements are, but Euro 5 has become a thingy here.

With our 2016 Opel Astra with 1.6L diesel I can travel in D with 180 km/h in an acceptable manner, so I assume 2L is really more than sufficient.
(Have also a Euro 5 3L diesel, so limited for use in D. Acceptable for 200-220 km/h in D if there’s little traffic -quite rare-, but wouldn’t advise 3L for a daily driver. If you do, make sure it’s 4WD to apply the 500 Nm or so on all wheels.)

Best alternative imo is a Skoda Superb, always had that as rental/pool car for business trips, reliable (some had that as company car), massive space and very comfy dashing into customers in D.

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My company car is a 3 series saloon. It’s as dull as ditchwater. I wouldn’t spend my own money on a BMW. Previously I had an Audi, which was also very dull. But not as bad as the VW before it.

The company forces us to drive German cars, because it’s German. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve had a 4x4 2L Passat estate for 12 years & 270,000 km. Not exciting as someone said, but really comfortable, reliable and loads of space in the boot behind five people. More spacious inside than the BMW/Audi/Merc too.

Or for your money you could have a low mileage Mazda6 Touring. Euro6 2.2 diseasel has plenty of grunt but economical, loads of toys, and the two that I had were decent to drive and reliable.

No German badge though.

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Quite a way outside your parameter space, but still, when I bought the Mondeo (estate) it was explained to me that there were two sources for the used market - commercial people who needed to move lots of stuff and grandparents who needed to move grandkids and dogs but rarely drove any distance, particularly if that would involve going outside the village. Cars from the former would be near-universally diesel and would not be low-mileage. Cars from the latter might well be both petrol and low-mileage but would far too often have the 1.6 engine, which meant overtaking manouevres needed to be booked in writing at least two weeks in advance. I didn’t want diesel because of the emissions issues. In the end I did find a petrol one with a large enough motor and only 38k on the clock. But I had to go to Leeds for it.

With the ulez in London,i was told many dealerships are buy up ulez unfriendly cars,and selling them around the country,might be worth doing an m25 search for cheaper quality cars,although if you drive into the m25 might not be so great.

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I’ve done many miles in current and previous gen SKODA Superbs and they are fantastic. Lots of engine and drivetrain options

And the previous shape Octavia vRS too, brilliant all-rounder if you want to hustle down some decent roads too and dont need the space of the Superb



I have been waiting for a Volvo to appear :smile:


See Volvo have packed in making estates

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Enjoying mine now that the issue with the controller for the fuel pump has been sorted out. I do miss a cruise control though.

No cruise!?



Have you seen how much people want for these now? 145s in particular are worth a fortune. I loved the idea of putting a B8444S and a 960 auto in one but it’s roughly a bajillion hours of labour on top of the steep asking price.

For the UK market.

Ah thought it was everywhere.

Don’t understand why people would want an suv over an estate,the only benefit I can see is for someone like me with a dodgy back.


They will still make them for the emergency services too.

Same! I honestly don’t get them at all, the 90 estate is so much better than the xc70 suv thing we have at work.

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