Indian Restaurants in London

One of my French work colleagues will be visiting London shortly, on a family visit. He has ask for recommendations for Indian Restaurants that are good in the main tourist bits, or close to them.

Any recommendations please

Trishna, Marylebone.

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I have enjoyed Dishoom near Covent Garden previously, but heard rumours it’s gone down hill recently.

Quilon in Buckingham Gate. Very inventive. None of your oily papadums here.

Train to Hatfield, lol.


Fuck, of course. Yeah, that’s all they need to know.

Why not simply hop on a flight to Madras?

Cafe Spice Namaste is very nice.

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I thought it was a bit…err…wanky. And not very good :thinking:

Ritchie and i went there quite recently - we were both impressed with the food.

  1. It’s called Chennai now.
  2. The food isn’t terribly good there.

Remind me not to invite you to the Turan next time.


New owners? Have they changed the wallpaper?


Meh - you’ve already spat your dummy out about this one - it was 6 months back. :kissing_heart:


Southall. Not too touristy but fairly near H’row

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Fair enough. It has been a while since we went.

Also this one

Southall is f’in fantastic for Indian Restaurants. In fact we should organise an AA meal around there as a Turan alternative.

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I think Gifto’s is either Bangladeshi or Pakistani & as such is unlicensed as I recall. but the locals go there & the food is good.

The Red Fort, Dean St, Soho

Brick Lane