Insurance when posting high value stuff

Got nothing to sell but thought this was a good place to stick this.
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RMSD is excellent but has a max value of £2500 and most couriers max at £1000.

Will add additional insurance for 0.6% of the value.
You need to send by an approved courier but there are quite a few on the list.
There are terms and conditions and they won’t insure you for shit packing.
You need to take photos as proof etc so you need to read the T&Cs but it seems to work well.
Quite a few people in the watch world use it for sending expensive items insured so it should work fine for HiFi


You’re right about reading the Ts & Cs though. A large number of the big-name couriers either explicitly exclude amplifiers or exclude electronic items more generally. This is less negative

But if the kit turns up not working it looks like the onus may be on whoever is making the claim to show that the fault is “clearly resulting from an incident during transit”.


They are insuring the transit and delivery not your repair Graeme :smiley:

Exactly :grin:.

But it sounds like I’d pretty much have to get Lady Hale to video the amp as I lowered it into the box, still plugged in, switched on and working, to prove that any failure happened in transit rather than beforehand or afterwards.

In practice I pack so that the contents will survive just about any conceivable abuse and then I insure, if I’m worried, against loss only.


UPS will transport and insure up to £10k in the UK. I just sent a pair of speakers, (something that most couriers will not insure against damage in transit,) and insured for £3k.