Interesting Speakers


Spot on for the Cheshire market, I reckon.



Predictable from mono horn.


Is that your bedroom set up?


Mine’s merely ugly, yours is hideous.


Christ on a bike.

You can’t unforget that.


Love my onyx ones




:face_vomiting: There is an excess of fugly in that picture. White horns look like avant-garde (:unamused:) plumbing.


With added “Flange” :roll_eyes:


I wonder what the white monolith in the middle is.


No idea but it adds to whiteness :+1:


That is not the first word that occurred to me, but it is apt. That thing reminds me of a ship’s ventilator.


Subwoofer judging by the cables from two channels going into it.


That was my guess, horns like that will probably need one


I can’t work out what that’s meant to do - it’s no horn. I’m baffled…


To stop wave pressure interference from the main horn? Or just separate the stupid from £2K.


I’m pretty sure they are Pnoe horn speakers. Made in Greece and retail for about €20k.

They are built very accurately to the tractrix curve and have a bottom cut off of 32 cycles so still need a bass speaker.

Unfortunately both my grannies are gone or I’d willingly sell one or both.


I have no problem with the main horn, just the clear flange bit


A waveguide?