Interesting Speakers


No and they are very sensitive so easy to drive.


Who makes them?


Are those Agathons by Horning?



Yes Horning Agathon ultimate


Many fond memories of listening to a pair that a dear and sadly departed friend had. I had the unenviable job of moving his system on and Rick bought them, I presume that they might be the pair you missed out on?


Yes those where the ones. They were great I really enjoyed listening to them at Ricks and should have bought them from him. You live ‘n’ learn.


Difficult to set up and need plenty of room but when they are they can be magnificent.


They certainly could be amazing :+1:


When I went to RMAF with Guy a few years ago, he had some Hoerning Aristotles in his room , they were rather lovely sounding.


@Wayward has one of his mad turntables. :grinning:


yes i still think of him , whenever i see a pair . chap been trying to sell a pair of hornings for months on the isle of arran


who needs a woodburning stove when you’ve got a class A amp


So true - cats also know this :grinning:


Nothing to do with the heat, the cat is there cos the sweet spot seat is taken :wink:


After having my ears reamed with some Focal speakers a little while ago, there are correctly named.


Fuck these are chavvy.

Saxum canorus. Even the fucking name is wank.


Rock Sounding?