Interesting Speakers

They make handy seats for round the campfire, and if the Brownies get a bit cold …


Didn’t steverb have some of these, at a bakeoff he had?
Mowgan Audio Ogma?

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beobloke has them as well, I nearly bought them a couple of years ago.

Think he has them up for sale now

Yes he does, and has them for sale.
I just remember these from about 10 years ago, at steverb’s.

Doesn’t he have the mega bucks Beolab 90’s ?


I believe he does.

These look proper.


They are really proper. I’ve had a pair for 5 months and they are really very good. They are good at everything, they just get out of the way and fill the room with music. They don’t go mega low but the bass is tight and fast.


Ah great, good to hear!

My kind of speaker.

Always fancied trying a set of these -

RRR Radiotehnika S-400M - hifi: perhaps not the last-word; fun: up-to-11.

Used to retail around £700, probably put a “1” in front of that number to get a set into the UK now…

They make a variety of designs, iirc @Beobloke was a fan of the more modern FS-100s.


Japanman + large room = 2x 31.5" woofers.


Where space is slightly more challenging for Japanman = x1 31.5"


:heart_eyes:This guy speaka my language​:+1:

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Get that big 3d printer ordered @coco

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in the top picture the seats face the wrong way and in the bottom one all the kit is in the way… ? Or am i missing something?

On the top one there will be seats on the other side of the table.
Yes the kit is in the way on the second pic, but unfeasibly large systems in small rooms will always require compromises.
Those large horn systems are quite immersive and not the same as box speakers, you don’t have to worry about toe in etc you can sit off axis quite comfortabley

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