Interesting Speakers


Ooh. A site with graphs. And German graphs, at that.

Had a brief browse and… Who’s going to get this system?

Just look at that graph…


Comes in gold though :heart_eyes:



I rather like genelecs, would make for nice computer speakers.


I hadn’t seen the gold ones. Ideal for Cheshire.


Brown. We need more brown.


With those stripes it has to be the Gulf colours :slight_smile:



I like that idea. Must get some for the man-cave :+1:


The last thing any hifi manufacturer wants is to make life in any way easy for the dozy cunts that try to sell their stuff… :skull:


I hate to have to agree with you, but I plan to get my pair refinished in those colours one day :+1:




I heard the direckt with an Italian amp and they shook the sofa at the dealer so goodness knows what these things are like



That’s just made me read this.
You learn something new every day.


anyone heard the new dynaudio 40th anniversary version yet ?




Nope, but thank fuck the Focal speakers weren’t playing otherwise I would have had to seek you out and kill you for damaging my high frequency hearing. :sweat_smile:




Fuck no.



Safe bet they’ll sound exactly the same as the 35th anniversary specials, and the 30th anniversary specials, and the 25th anniversary specials… etc. ad naus. - they never really change, except the price, natch.


Mainstream hifi sucks balls so bad.