Interesting Speakers


Dat marketing budget tho’…



yes I will spare you focal !! I know some of you don`t like them !


Unfortunately a friend of mine has Focal 1028be, he asked me how to stop them being sharply bright, I had to stop myself from suggesting he sells his new toy.


The only Focals I heard were Harv’s 1028be at Scalford last year and I have to say I really couldn’t notice any brightness. I even went back for a second listen as I know the reputation they have, so I was listening out for it.

They were in a big room and were powered by big valve amps (I want to say Solutions but I don’t think so) so maybe that had something to do with it.


I like Focals, but you need the right cable loom - properly supported by sympatico cable-lifters, a good grounding system, some Quantum mains resonance-suppression, and plenty of high-end Helmholtz resonators or you may as well




Bother . . . .

In an ideal world you need a fat, sweaty cage-fighting racing-driver to install them too.

Seriously, you people are fucking Casuals…


Last time I saw him at Cranage he told me he had been taking multiple vehicle licences for fun, now he is a fully licensed HGV driver, has a pilots licence and a tank drivers licence amongst others. He also turned over 1.8 million last year and was investing in a large factory so he could start to manufacture his own hifi. Amazing considering the conversation lasted 90 seconds max whilst passing him in the car park.


It’s got to be some kind of named syndrome, surely?




Anyway I heard he made his fortunes setting up Naim/Focal systems in Guantanamo Bay for the US military where they played Hugh Masekela ‘Hope’ until the terrorists caved and gave up their secrets shortly before their heads exploded.



Wow some of you dealerscum are quite bitter aren’t you? :thinking::laughing::joy:


What has been seen, cannot be unseen :laughing:


Yeah particularly as I already have it quoted in a draft reply…


I was born bitter and have spent a lifetime honing my craft. :sunglasses:


As euphemisms go, that is satisfactory


What people don’t understand is that being a dealer scumbag is a 24hr job.

1 am Apply barrier cream to anus in preparation for ass burn
2 am wrestle with personal reality / gout
3 am Lottery win fantasy time
4 am lottery fail disappoint
5 am Interrupted masturbation by wife / child / pet / conscience
6 am New Coffee machine compulsion / obsession - discontent
7 am Shout at news on TV, rationalize why the gym is for plebs
8 am Check ‘care cup’ is still empty
9 am Telephone other dealers for latest gossip and or gloating / counseling
10 am Listen to suppliers excuses for delays - Turn system on
11 am Drive to Fortnum and Masons to collect daily muffins
12 pm Chase debtors / shout at couriers
1 pm flaccid cheese sandwich & listen to ethereal flute music
2 pm Consider buying bespoke branded packing tape
3 pm Nap o clock
4 pm groggy / apply more barrier cream
5 pm Consider packing stuff - fail
6 pm Answer customers questions…Have you turned it on / off?
7pm Banquet
8 pm Dismayed by reality TV
9pm Promenade around the grounds
10 pm Check in with hypochondria for latest diagnosis
11pm Aroused but concerned over pending Beriberi disease
12 pm Mince pie challenge - decide Co-op is current forerunner.


Many of those don’t just pertain to dealers…


Perhaps the crossover points between ‘norm and scum’ could be plotted on a graph?



All dealer scum ever do is moan. FFS if you don’t like it, do something else? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Moaning, Muffins and Masturbation are a few of my favorite things (and qualifications) I practice joyfully 24/7


Weren’t the part of the Flower Power movement in California c. 1965/6