Interesting Speakers

That’s the thing about Google though. It knows what you might buy (and what Kev won’t) :grin:.

nope, picnic.

Go for it,happy to babysit your LVs :+1:

I followed the links from the manufacturers website saw that Select Audio were the UK distributors.

I doubt very much the MCRU (or any of the other dealers on the SA website) have got a pair in stock they are effectively drop shippers.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a pair anywhere in the UK you could go and listen to.

You said you couldn’t find a UK price.

Nice bit of diversionary waffle though.

He has to justify it all.

They really Rock


Who’s gonna ask that bellend for a demo, then? :joy:

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What ever happened to WLM Speakers. Here are the Divas
And my favourites the La Scalas

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I had the La Scalas, should have kept them.

They were a great setup with the Almarro amp.

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I came so close to buying a pair because they sounded just what I needed at the time. Quite cheap second hand and pretty efficient.

Only problem with them was that they liked a LOT of space around them to keep the bass in check.

That’s the problem with a lot of these seemingly wife-friendly speakers. The irony being big fuck off horns don’t mind being in corners :joy:


Please don’t mention horns, I already have the want as is.

I doubt the bakeoff next week is going to help much either.



This. Exactly this. I love the Dreiklangs, but want for MOAR! is always nibbling away, despite multiple logistical counters… :grimacing:


Expanding on the first post in this here thread

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They make everything themselves, interesting 20 minutes.