Interesting Speakers

Yeah, I bet the neighbours yesterday were wondering if Cambs had suddenly become an earthquake zone… :grinning:

That smug sweet spot grin lol

@Jim is channeling his inner Sontaran.

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Had to look those up!

I was thinking hi-fi Buddha.

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I don’t mind. I get it all of the rest of the time.

Shame it’s set up for Jim’s ears!

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Now going to wait for a pair of these, to turn up in a skip!


Here is a human, next to them, for scale.

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Are they still in any cinemas?

These are the newer ones, still in use.

Do you know what amps they use with them ?

No. Could probably find out, with a bit of Googleing.

Lots of them. IMAX branded, no idea who makes them. The amps used on Gregg’s were made by Bryston.


I’d say they are made by Yorkville.


You’d probably want to use different amps though. You’ll be using 0.01W at home, rather than 1000W at the cinema. Using speakers at a fraction of their capability generally works well; less so with amplifiers.

For sure, the new ones are 3000w.

To be honest though the Rotel Gregg is using didn’t really seem to be causing any weakness. You need some power on the mid horn as it’s a CD horn so there is quite a lot of eq going on.

I’d be interested how it would sound with an Aleph on every channel.

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The Bugs’ sound rig from his recent gig in Berlin - bass how low can you go.


If the audience isn’t spontaneously shitting itself, the answer is “not low enough”!