Interesting Speakers

I seem to recall, and am too lazy to look, that there are instructions for a stick and string version on the internet somewhere. I think you needed the power of an arc welder to make them go, so not for my ST20…

I had a pair of Apogee Caliper Signatures back in the early 2000’s. I mainly used CAT JL1’s with them which, despite their apparent limited power drove them very well. As an alternative I used a pair of Innersound ESL’s which I think were capable of 1000w into the 1ohm load the Calipers presented at some frequencies. They did sound good but not as good as the AG Trio’s that followed them.


1000 watts per channel - that"s 100 Leak ST20s!

V Nice. Could you please post a pic of your Trios David?

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Are you thinking of downsizing?

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Nah, just interested is all…:+1:


I won’t translate … Audio to Swedish😂

Nice looking things.

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Yeah, 2 x 15" drivers and a horn - ridiculous :wink:


They are long gone I’m afraid. I have a pair of Ocellia’s and a pair of Loth X Minstrels that I switch in and out at the moment. I like both more than I did the Trio’s but that may be due to the SJS amp which I think is rather good.

Trios are not the most straightforward to dial into a room. I’ve heard a few and only one came close to sounding right even though that was in the biggest room.