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The first real example of why Brexit was a good idea.

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Now we’re talking.


Looks like it was stolen from a 1970s era TARDIS

No dancing Cybermen. Shame.

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I had thought of it being a possible Dr Who foe, so not far off.

Their amps are excellent.

When it comes to the horrors of carpet noise, one can never bee too careful.

Aye, it stops the buzzing :wink:

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Wasp the heck happened there?


They look nice what are they.

KlangHorn M

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Designed and built by Rumen Suvandjiev, Rutcho’s Audio (and Blackswift Audio), in Bulgaria.
This is called the ‘KlangKlein’ and is the smallest (so far) model of their KlangHorn series.

It’s a two-way BVR system: 10" Audax woofer, and 1" compression driver in a biradial-elliptic horn.

Nominal Impedance - 8 Ω

Impedance linearity (250Hz-20KHz) - ± 10%

Sensitivity - 94dB/W/m

Frequency Response - 32Hz - 20KHz

Horn Adjustable Range - ± 6dB at steps of 2dB

Nominal Power - 150W

Crossover Frequency - 850Hz

Dimensions 32w x 45d x 110h cm


Kanzen Audio 30" Field Coil drivers with rosewood cones… JPNman I love you