Interesting Speakers


I’d like to see a concrete review of them


Here we go :joy:


nah , you are between a rock and a hardplace to find one of them !





2,000,000 dollars for wires, bargain :poop:




P.D.G. for $30 compression drivers! :face_with_monocle:


Yes, I think I’m going to investigate a build.


I used these

They sounded alright for just being plonked down and using the crossovers I set up ages ago for different boxes, bit harsh on some material but It can take me a month to get it all dialed in let alone an afternoon.


Is there anything up your capacious sleeves that would fit into the smaller corian cabinets?


Not really, basically any speaker is a compromise between size, bass response and sensitivity.

The little speakers have decent bass response because they arnt sensitive.

A decent compromise is a 12” driver, ported, you can get 97-98db sensitivity and maybe useable bass to 50-60hz.

A 10” might get you down to 80hz which is ok with a subwoofer.

Something with a 6” driver like the small speakers will never be that sensitive, especially with any usable bass.


I’m all ears for suggestions around the 12" driver options.

Especially with the more rigid cabinets.

Would the Monacor SPH-315 be appropriate?



Volti Rival speakers


Most 12” drivers will work with the 12” horn, crossover is about 1500hz so you need one that is clean to say 3kz at least.

Then it’s just a question of box size/bass/sensitivity.

The Monacor is 91db so not very sensitive, but it will go pretty low.

Rigid cabinets of that size won’t be easy, Corian/HiMacs of that quantity would be hugely expensive. 18mm ply well braced would be fine though.


This one looks like a nice design:


No idea on the speakers, but I like the way they give customisations (and pricing) options on the website. Makes a change given the minimal variations a lot of companies offer.


Aye, understood from a guitar background.
Thought I might do something interesting with a pair of these.


Just use an eminence beta12 coax :slight_smile:


Looks nice. With Clarity caps?