Interesting Speakers


He probably picked those up cheap and doesn’t know their prices are rising fast. Idiot.


I have never been a massive fan but on reflection these are superb



Pretty sure @Beobloke had a pair of these (along with an enormous subwoofer) at Scalford a few years ago, they sounded good :slight_smile:


Yep, same as mine.

I still have them but haven’t used them for ages - I’ve been keeping an eye out for one of the matching subwoofers for years but have never found one (or the later floorstanding Pentacolumns, which are the ones I’d really like).

They keep coming dangerously close to being offered for sale but they don’t take up much space and I just know that the day after someone grabs them, three subs will appear on eBay, 2 miles away from me, for 99p.


New B&O speaker thing. It has a variable size bass port and you roll it to change the volume.



if they sound like those BO speakers with the pop up motorised tweeters and a zillion drivers, they’ll sound shit


You’re confused. The ones with a zillion drivers don’t have pop up tweeters.



Hey, go easy. There’s a lot of distilleries to visit!



Bit light on the bass for you Bob.


what if your floor is a bit on the wonk or you want to move the speaker about by rolling it? fucking stupid idea.


(1) You put them on the wall stand.

(2) Pick them up you lazy git.


Fred and Barney’s I expect


I bet they really rock.


Good to see he is still going.
He did the Bristol show about 10 to 15 years ago


Run and hide!!!


Especially if you’re stoned :+1:


Sir, sir!!! He’s doing it again sir.


Bertie Smalls :angry: