Interesting Speakers



The jokes just write themselves there!


Looks like they have a slighlty larger room than they had at Munich.


Why is the bass horn sitting on a fire extinguisher?

(Waiting for the inevitable NVA gags)


You naughty little pirate :laughing:


How did they sound ?


Presumably any litter put in there gets thrown off any surrounding wall in an uncontrolled fashion?


Difficult to say. They were in a comically small booth at Munich.


Western Electric Univercity 1603 €9500 pr. Audiomarkt.



They remind me of Urei monitors - which I absolutely love the sound of - clear and precise without being clinical and fatiguing. These look more domestically acceptable though (just).


They are 30 years old but in great condition and are for sale on Audiomarkt.


This how they were demonstrated in Munich


Thanks Bob. A proper sub for my new ride.




This is what?


$5000 piece of foo according to the price at the bottom of the waffly useless review.


The extender turns a 3 minute track into a 4 minute one*

*not to be used with prog


Box with a small red light on it.


M A X I M U M Schumann - Serious bit of kit