Interesting Speakers


Can’t make my mind up.


Looks to me like it was a much darker colour and somebody has half sanded it off. Prob just MDF with some paint.


Earlier this month I was at the sale where these sold (I didn’t wait for them as I knew there had been plenty of prior interest and some 4-figure advance offers made)

Unfortunately the pictures have been taken down now, but believe me from the outside they looked even more distressed than the ones above. They contained a pair of Tannoy Golds though.

EDIT: IMHO the buyer overpaid - over £2200 when the premium’s included - but there you go.



Think the Aspergers are about $15K…




If H.R.Giger made speakers…



New bedroom system Bob?


Not quite.

Wolf von Langa bipole and tweeter with Carlsson coupler…


Void Incubus Air Array


I think their kit is the best looking PA kit since Thunder Ridge.

Is it better than Funktion 1?


Not heard enough installations, still like the Funktion 1 myself.


I do wonder whether well set up F1s (a small stack obviously) in a suitably treated room would be just as good as expensive hifi kit for any kind of electronic music.


Omnipolar 3D “Phonotron” needs a mention, I like the name.


Kitchen pedal bin


There Is always the PSM318


Totally normal hifi speaker size :grin:


These must have cropped up before, but just in case…

Beolab 90.




You need a microscope to find your horn :laughing: