Interesting Speakers


Now you’re talking.


Looks like a home-made subwoofer with one of those bamboo clacker fountains stuck on top.


Hideous though they are I would love to hear a pair.


I’ve heard them a couple of times at Munich. Tidy enough as these heavily DSP’d speakers always seem to be but also very much Meh as such speakers also seem to be.


They look better in the flesh, IMHO. It’s difficult to work out how all the odd angles gel when looking at a picture of them, but they make sense when you’re stood in front of a pair.


The B&O shop in Wilmslow had a pair on demo, very meh.

Very damn expensive too, £70K?


Wilmslwo? Is that in Poland?


£58k or thereabouts


next on the shopping list perhaps ?:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


They’re Monitor Reds. Much more desirable than Golds. About on the money.




Swapped the Merc for a more reliable Nissan then Bob? :wink:


Wow - that really is near-field listening


No, a Volvo (there is a thread somewhere). Quite happy with it, not as nice as the Merc, but it was £7K with a years full warranty and likely to last longer without major works. 14 plate V60 D4 in a nice red, zero car tax and doing 48mpg on mixed driving. Us semi-retired people need to think of these things.

The previous daily driver I owned was a Nissan Primera 2L with all the toys, which was great if boring as fuck. It was a stealth car, you could park it anywhere and nobody would touch it, which was useful when parking it in East London at the time. My mate I worked with had flash cars like TTs or A4 convertables and got them damaged or nicked all the time.


As a younger man I would have been convinced this was a bong


Cough cough




Suspect it belongs to a missionary. :slight_smile:


Can’t post 3x sequentially in muso snob ramblings, but this thread deserved a link anyhow.

Wooden “cone”, anyone?

The Lâg/HyVibe Smart Guitar brings effects to an acoustic guitar by turning its soundboard into a speaker.
Phasing, drive, looping, and more are available, emanating from the wood of the guitar itself as you play, with no actual speaker or outside amplification necessary. You can also connect to the soundboard wirelessly through Bluetooth to play songs or backing tracks through the guitar.


I think it’s mainly down to how well set-up they are. I’ve heard a fair few Void systems, and they’ve varied from terrible to excellent. When done right, they’re certainly comparable to Funktion 1, but I’ve never really had an absolute wow moment with them. The next-gen Funktion 1 is something called Vero, and that really is just like a massive hi-fi. Absolutely incredible. Also people to keep an eye on, from the P.A point of view, are Hennessey Sound Design, in the States. Utterly beautiful sound I heard from one of their systems, and talking to their guys, that’s their mission. It’s not often a P.A affects you in that way. Just sublime. I’d love to be the first person over this side of the pond, to take out one of their systems.

Edit: I absolutely agree with you on the LOOK of Void though! Sci-fi perfection!