Interesting Speakers


I thnk that’s curable these days.






Are these interesting?



Cat coffins are never interesting.


The review suggests the bass is interesting, but not in an altogether good way. They seem to be, well, what they are - speakers designed by someone who really knows how to make furniture.

Novaudio is the creation of Giuseppe Maietta , an artisan who lives and works in Galatone, a small town in the South of Italy.

Shame it wasn’t Steepletone.



Not dissimilar to the JPW AP2 or indeed Snell K in concept. Wide baffle & reduced cabinet depth. It depends how well he’s done the crossover.


Was going to say they look very very similar to my AN-K’s down to woofer and tweeter.


This is pretty much the kind of thing I’ve been planning for my Supravox drivers, an corner aperiodic cabinet with the drivers placed on opposite angled panels so you can adjust the toe-in by having them on the ‘outside’ or ‘inside’. If that makes sense…


Sounds nice, these remind me of the JBL Everest, I have also seen this cabinet aesthetic with duplex drivers in them.

Nearly bought some Supravox units last year, they look very nice.


Talking of which , did you ever find a cure for that slight coloration on the veneer ?


Tekton SET speakers $1800. Check out their website.


I think they missed a bit with the tweeters.


Boom tissssss


“Our revolutionary U.S. patent #9247339 (issued January 26th, 2016) allows us to literally align the moving mass of speaker cones to the harmonic spectra of the musical instruments being played. This means that, in theory, we’ve now made every other high fidelity loudspeaker on earth obsolete in one fell swoop! Again, I believe I can make a strong case for claiming that every other high fidelity loudspeaker is now obsolete or (for models that do try to mitigate moving mass) at least subtly obsolete. I’m quite confident in stating that we’re now producing the most accurate and best sounding loudspeakers ever built – period!”








Audio Lab-Ya! will be head hunting the copy writer of Tekton, literally period.