Interesting Speakers


Bigger ones.


Oooh, you get midrange bits with those ones :+1:


Oh Tekton :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

“I’m confident the the 1812 is going to be an incredibly successful ‘super speaker’. And with a price set to $10K per pair when compared to the abundance of ‘super speakers’ priced between $100K to over $1M we actually plan to produce and sell our ‘super speaker’ in large numbers.”

Not sure if the above is Tekton man? If so, hi Tekton man
I am now sweating for one of these


Hmmmm, the red ones have got 12 tweeters for each channel but the black ones have 13?


18” woofer. :heart_eyes:


Reel men Tekton



The one with 13 has a slightly bigger one in the middle. Why?


Bigger = moarer = betterer :+1:


I’d love to see the crossover circuit


Literally in no way dry or bright


Reminds me a little of the Lumley 'speakers Mr Jeffries used to make…


Dave, your genius in trolling this, the TT and the shoe thread, is that no one really knows if you are serious or not. Top work sir! :joy:


Which one is $1800?


Thank you. At last someone who understands!


The true genius is that even he doesn’t know


Fuck knows!


They deserve to be left in a desert playing Toto’s Africa on a loop.


Where’s the chimps when you need them?


Basically, you play Katamari Damacy through Hifi Collective.


I love that game.