Interesting Speakers


These look interesting. If the link works that is!



Pete’s next upgrade?



More house adjustment may be required


@rmsshipbroker could easily live in there, in fact a mansion



To be fair, he could do that in a Linkwitz LXMini.



I was about to criticise @charliechan’s post for fugly, but those things are fucking grotesque (fugtesque???).



I like this, bit close to the floor though.



Has it fallen over?


Needs a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig telly on top of it.


And at least 5 too many drivers


Wadax Atlantis Transport

  • Wadax Atlantis DAC
  • Wadax Atlantis Server
  • Zanden 宙光 Chuko preamp
  • Zanden 仁風 Chuko phono
  • Zanden 火雲 Kaun mono amps
  • Vertere Reference analog system
  • Göbel Divin Noblesse loudspeakers…


I saw those Goebel speakers at Munich last year. Sounded good but they are absolutely colossal, huge, vast and completely impractical and ridiculous.

I want them.


No telly, just kit! :grinning:


Actually, looking more closely at the pictures, those Goebel speakers are smaller than the ones at Munich, which appear to be the Divin Majestics.

I’m no longer interested.


Need a bean bag to sit in to listen to it !


Jensen G610s they look like


That’s cool.