Interesting Speakers


Want these
If they are anywhere close to those that turned up at Scalford I need some in my life.


Were they the German cinema ones? If so, they were the DB that year


Yep those cinema horns from Germany. I loved em.


You and me both :+1:


In full ‘wunderbra’


Shit chairs though


That and the Neanderthal lodger art detracts a tad.


You have a cnc machine, get started.



Lamm amps, nice.


I like the idea of a wooden wall of sound.


Stolen from a dentist’s waiting room 1993.


Looks fantastic -It has blocked a few doorways.


I need those in my life. Just need to win the lottery and buy a mansion.


I missed them at Scalford but I believe plans are available and easy to build if you laminate the curves in a press…drivers might be the issue with something like this. My guess is rare,expensive and a pig to put right if anything needs repair/replacement.

Oh and the small issue of a room big enough to fit them into but worry about that later. This guy has it right, he can’t even open his fridge :slight_smile:


We were listening to a similar Siemens Klangfilm system at one of the Berlin ETFs.

Sounded very enjoyable.


I’m impressed that he has a girlfriend.


I’m always surprised you don’t often see these things built into interior walls. On the other side you could just have bookshelves to hide the speakers.


He has a pair of subs behind them and his collection of turntables is nearly as impressive as Mik’s.


I noticed Mik is selling one of his Rockports…offered him £500 but not heard back yet.

Pictures of Peggy Guggenheim’s NY home 1942,