Interesting Speakers


Thanks Jim.


I kinda like them, now if they were Unity horns or something mmmmm.


Evans tube Etsy !

They sounded lovely today too :+1:.



Thank you Graeme. :sunglasses:



I like that horn flare. Very nice.




One of Jeffrey Jackson’s.


That is real nice, I prefer the small to the medium myself on looks.



Terrific video.


It must take ages to storyboard & then make a film like that.


What is the price of the speakers?


If you have to ask you can’t afford it.:laughing:

I’m sure Ikea will do a flat pack version soon.


The speakers in the video are £350,000’ish.

The small ones (photo in thread above) are about £160,000.

And I believe these prices include amps so much cheaper than Vox Olympians.


That still leaves plenty of scope for them to remain unaffordable :joy:


I’ve just read that it also includes a turntable in the price so effectively a bargain.

Though apparently it sounds best sitting 40ft from the speakers which is a slight problem for most.


Audio Tekne speakers £16,000 a pr.