Interesting ways to eat mushrooms!

I think it’s fair to say that the mushroom season is in full swing now.

Any tasty, mushroom based recipes you would like to share?

Picked this lot in about 15 minutes and could have filled a bin liner, easily.


They look fabulous quality

They taste amazing on a full English!

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Wash and chop into bite sized pieces, throw with olive oil, salt, garlic (fresh or dried) and your favourite fresh herbs, roast on high (220) for 10-15 minutes. Serve with anything or on toast. I could subsist on that all autumn!


They look great.

A rich mushroom stroganoff would be my favourite suggestion.

Here’s how I do it -

(No strict measures as I made this up but could guess)

  • Griddle half the mushrooms to get some colour into them
  • Fry chopped onion, celery and garlic in olive oil while you’re doing this
  • Add the other half of your mushrooms with plenty of paprika
  • Add the griddled mushrooms and cook for 2-3 mins till soft ish.
  • Add about two tbsp of brandy
  • I also add a healthy few dashes of Worcester Sauce or alternative, but this is optional
  • Cook on low for another 2-3 minutes
  • Add single cream (err 200g?) , chopped thyme
  • Stir through then once you have a nice sauce coming together (3-5 minutes), turn the heat off and stir through a tsp of lemon juice and season with salt and pepper.

I typically serve this on griddled ciabatta which has been rubbed with garlic, or onto a bed of rice or pasta.


It’s predictable but a good mushroom risotto is an underrated pleasure.

The one I made earlier this week had;
300g mushrooms- Forestiere in my case but just mushrooms basically.
A pack of dried mushrooms
2 small leeks
4 cloves of garlic
200g Risotto rice
Mushroom stock
Herb stock

I break up the dried mushrooms and soak them in 500ml of combined mushroom and herb stock to create uber stock. Cut the shrooms, leaks and garlic, then drain the dried mushrooms. Cook the risotto rice to suit (everyone has a different way and different preferred texture so just do yours), towards the end, briefly pan fry the leeks and mushrooms- both fresh and dried and stir into the rice. garnish with what’s lying around basically; curled leaf parsley and some parmigiana in my case.

That should do two servings. Non fat bastards may want to consider the addition of a poached egg because it is FUCKING MIGHTY.


I love porcini, but my system is: 1 break them up, 2 soak, 3 sieve, 4 filter liquid. This removes the gritty bits you often get, which can mar a dish like risotto.

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I agree although the ones I picked up en masse from the middle of Lidl are remarkably grit free :+1:

Wife makes a lot of this, partly because it’s very tasty, and partly because we get a lot of mushrooms and kale in the freak veg box.

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never wash - they absorb water and lose flavour. if they are dirty brush with a dry pastry brush or similar


If they’re going in the oven it’s fine, loads of moisture is lost then. And I’d rather lose a little flavor than eat shit.

Although I have now learned that tonight we are having “the kale and chilli and pasta thing”.

The UK seems to have a lot of surplus kale.

Mushroom soup. Sweat chopped mushrooms off with garlic and a shit ton of butter and some black pepper. When thoroughly cooked, blitz and add enough cream to make a soup like consistency. I tend to not add all the common extras like onions, leeks or carrots etc, just pure mushroom goodness.


Thanks guys, some good ideas there!

Tonight I just fried some (a lot!) in EVOO/butter (50/50) with garlic, herbs & salt and plonked them on a large, pan-fried, chicken breast.

The amount of inky black juice that came out of them was remarkable. Bloody delicious though.


Really, if you’re highlighting mushrooms rather than using them as an “ingredient”, simplicity is the way to go.
I scrape the gills out sometimes to reduce the inky liquid. But I save them to add to gravies/sauces to give umami.


This thread needs @coco for devil’s toe jam reasons.


Pretty sure that’s a myth. Think i read in one of my Harold McGee books

Edit: he says you should wash them, but specifies that you should do it just before cooking and that this will not ‘waterlog’ them (or remove flavour)

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Correct :+1:

Several good tapas recipes using mushrooms, like this one.

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Unlike mushroom fundamentalist @TMC, I do put things other than mushrooms in mushroom soup. I did mushroom, shallot and parsley today;

The mushrooms were fried down in the remnants of a nice bottle of fiano. Extra flavour has been obtained from dried porcini, smoked garlic and truffle oil because I am an achingly pretentious cunt :+1:. The bread is normally used for my son’s packed lunches and it is at least as bad as it looks.