It’s facked mate

Soooo… 20 odd years ago I built some speakers. IPL s5tl’s, I posted a build blog and have loved them for ever.

Yesterday I got a bit carried away with the volume knob and the right channel got a bit farty. Long story short this

Cunty fuckballs it’s bolloxed. The left side isn’t far off either.

Wilmslow audio have a refoaming service (if they can do them) has anyone used this? Or are there others? DIY is probably not a good idea, ‘They’ prefer me not to have sharp things.

Alternatively I could try to find some replacement 10 inch bass drivers, these are ‘PR 24’s’ but I can find nothing about them on the web. Anyone have any clue wtf these are and how to work out what I could swap them with.

Lastly I could bin them and get new speakers. This would feel a bit like taking an old faithful friend out behind the barn and giving them 2 in the chest and 1 in the head but new shiny.

So the turntablism is on hold while I work out wtf to do, refurb, replace or scrap.

Comments, advice, sarcasm, insults and wild tangents grudgingly received…

You have the perfect horn build opportunity! Go with the flow.


Just get them refoamed. By far the best solution.


My tolerance for diy is now down to screwing and unscrewing. Anything that requires precision or patience is outside of my remit. So while I may take advantage of someone else’s madcap scheme to build something and then sell it for a massive loss on eBay, actually building something myself makes me feel slightly queasy.

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While this is by far the most likely path it also begs the question what to listen to while they are away.
There’s a lot of good stuff on eBay for under £500 that is sorely tempting. Unfortunately my dream Funktion One R1 or dance stack setup is not in my price range.

I like the cut of your job, but you are clinically insane.


Temporary purchase

I know it’s unlikely anyone on here has a spare pair of speakers but you never know

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It took 19 months of foul espionage to get this gig at Porn hub - and now I’ve been cut ?

Gutted doesn’t cover it.

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Where are you located? I am sure there are spare speakers about, with owners willing to help.

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I have a few 10" drivers that might suit (or be an improvement) if you are interested.

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Pete and I refoamed my JBLs. I was prepared for the walk of shame to Wembley Loudspeakers, who do it, but actually it was really easy. Just remove all the old stuff carefully, and it’s fairly trivial.

Check out some YouTube videos and take a view as to whether you can do it. If not, Wembley or Wilmslow will.


You can borrow my Pensil 11 floorstander things.


They’ll probably do it same day if you phone them and book. It doesn’t take long.

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Audax PR240 bass driver, some models still available new

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I have an old, very scruffy, pair of Linn Saras you could borrow.


I have an old paid of missions and some b&ws in the garage which can do service in any down time.

Thanks all who offered spare speakers it brought a tear to my eye, no my other eye.

I think I’m going to investigate replacement and then refoaming. I’ve looked at a few tutorials on refoaming and it looks a bit beyond my comfort zone. Cheaper yes but hacking the dust caps off to shim it or finding some way to generate an n hz signal to centre the driver is just a bit over what I’m comfy with.

There’s easier ways to tell someone you hate them.


You Facking star.
Guess my weekend job will be extracting the banjaxed driver and seeing if there’s an obvious replacement to model number I can use to find an equivalent.

One again audio abbotard does the business.

Thanks once again for all the help and very kind offers.

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