It's Christmas Again


Glad to see you keeping up the now traditional posting of the Abattoir Christmas trees Mick.

Christmas cat needed…


gosh it comes round fast !!! carol service in 2 weeks with kids leading it

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here`s another christmas flavour song

Meh! Bah Humbug. There are 12 days of Xmas, none of which are on December 3rd! Mince pie season has commenced, but Xmas is a while off yet.


Enough of your negative vibes!

I have just spent 2 hours trying to find which bulb in a 200 bulb stream is stopping the other 2/3rd from working. The little cunts are near impossible to remove from their housing but eventually I have found 4 duff bulbs, 3 broken finger nails and a nasty cut from one of the said bulbs that fought back.

They still don’t fucking work.

But they seem to be essential if Christmas is going to be a merry and happy time and the new LED bulbs flashy are just not suitable. So off to the shops tomorrow.

I’m all positivity about Xmas starting in about 10 days time. I feel your pain with the lightbulbs though. Have a mince pie and look forward to the joys of seasonal shopping :slightly_smiling_face:

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While I gird my loins in preparation for making my own, I’ve bought some of Lidl’s deluxe pie offering.

Expectations are low but a report with pictures will follow. (on the pie thread)

My mother in law has stated that I don’t need to ship a Beerwulf case to her house Norn Iron because “there are already 12 cans of beer in the cupboard”.

She is incorrect.


:rofl: You owe me a laptop and probably a carpet.

Was in Tesco yesterday and the betel garden team were dressed up as Santa’s doing carols , guess it made a nice change from digging up gardens

What with this and Stu’s Uncle Bens, it makes me realise what a life of deprivation we lead up here. :cry:


One for all serious meatmen to consider. A genuinely traditional Christmas feast.


The tree given to us from Mexico for services to rice arrived and was erected yesterday



Fuck, I’ve been on xmas light duties today, having to drag the crap out the loft and provide various assistance to Hel as she has gone light fricking crazy front and back.

Begrudgingly, it does look nice tho.