It's time to discuss (argue about) pressure cookers

Right, I want to buy a pressure cooker, principally with a view to exploring the world of bone broth and other soup based delights.

I’d like it to;

  • Have a capacity of at least five litres (ideally a bit more)
  • Be for hob use rather than self powered
  • Not be fucking dangerous (is there a go to approval standard for these things?)
  • Be robust
  • Ideally not cost more than £50-60. This does mean if you have an artisanal pressure cooker, hand forged from meteoric iron using the geothermal energy of Mount Akagi, that’s great… but unless it costs less than £60, I don’t really care.

So, any recommendations?


I would like to suggest an Instant Pot. It is disqualifiable on several of your criteria, but it also does so many extra things, like being a slow cooker, a sous vide machine and a yoghurt maker alongside the whole pressure cooker thing.


Excellent thread idea, was just about to start researching these myself

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I’ve had an ancient Tower model for longer than I can remember. Had a new seal for it a few years ago. It just does the job

Like this



I used to own one of those, it was ancient but did the job.
I have a feeling my Mum and Dad got it as a wedding present

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I mean… by the standards of the how these things usually go, a recomendation for something that only fails to meet two of the requirements is within the margin of error. I really don’t have the space for more work surface clutter though. Also;

I had idly wondered what foodstuff might be the one I had the absolute least desire to make myself. This does seem to answer that question fairly well.

All you need

I’ve got one of these and love it.

Just remember when choosing a size you usually only fill them half way.

But do you want to sell it to Ed for £60.00?

<£60 ???


Ahh. a case of skim reading…badly!

It is at this point in the thread that someone should suggest a frying pan


Yes. It’ll be another hour before I’m encouraged to build one myself.


With a heavy plate on top

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We have this lethal-looking fucker. “Aeternum”.

Italian. Gift from (Italian) BiL who imports this kind of thing (alongside 20,000 plastic chairs etc.)

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This looks magnificent but, alas, also spendy.

Under budget, so I understand if you dismiss it entirely…

No idea why the embed thingy isn’t working…


I think some of the Asian food wholesalers which are open to the public sell cheap ones.