Jack is Europe’s Champion


For all of you who have taken an interest in Jack’s Parabadminton career you’ll be pleased to know he has just won the European Championships.
So he is now World No1, World Champion and European Champion.
Not many sportsman pull off the triple.
Very happy dad.


Yay!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Outstanding - well done to all of you.:trophy:


Epic stuff !


Fantastic result ! Definitely a winner.


Incredible achievement. :+1:


Brilliant stuff, well done Jack!


Whahay! Well done Jack


Amazing, well done Jack!


Clearly Olympic gold awaits. Fantastic effort.


That’s some bragging rights.
Some triple crown.

All hail the Bad King Jack.


Fantastic stuff - Well done Jack


Badass. Well done.


Great achievement.


Excellent stuff. :+1:


Good lad :hugs:


amazing , thats so brilliant


Excellent ! Scientist or not we need to start a campaign to get him on the £50 note !



How much training is involved to get to that level?

Girl a few doors from us in London made the 76 Olympics for butterfly swimming.
She was at the pool from 5am til 8.30am,then school,back to the pool fom 4.30pm till 8pm,and at weekends doing meets all over the UK.

The dedication from her,and her parents was unreal



Well done! Champion stuff!