Jim being wrong about cars

Bad for the car too as it prolongs warm up. Have a sprout.

If it’s taking you 10 minutes to demist your windows, buy a better motor.

Bit of a pivot from “lock your second key inside and your car is toasty warm”.

I was inside when I turned it on.
My car wasn’t stolen in the process and there was no “quitting” offence perpetrated.
It’s ancient law and it does affect public places only. Most highways where people park are public places.
I have a drive… not everyone does.
Not the same thing at all. When I did venture outside, I had three steps to fall into a warm cabin.

Some ice cars do this but the mostly have a second battery.

Ps google “quitting” offence for the law. It’s some obscure part of the regs but it can lead to fines.

Is it?. Dunno cos I didn’t say that…

Is it still “quitting” if the car is locked, secure?

I just imagined it.

Fake news brother. :rofl:

No you didn’t imagine it, you just completely re-wrote it - eating toast v toasty warm car…wtf.

Yes. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/regulation/107/made

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No, then.

U wot mate? Try reading the link.

I did, it’s obviously open to interpretation…

Which part precisely is? Be specific, since you appear to want to argue semantics.

It says you can leave the engine on, providing the handbrake is applied, to “drive machinery forming part of, or mounted on, the vehicle and used for purposes other than driving the vehicle”

Ie. the demisting blowers…

It doesn’t say that, unless you’re choosing to read it selectively and ignoring the bits inconvenient to your argument.

(1) Save as provided in paragraph (2), no person shall leave, or cause or permit to be left, on a road a motor vehicle which is not attended by a person licensed to drive it unless the engine is stopped AND any parking brake with which the vehicle is required to be equipped is effectively set.

is what it actually says.

And 2b qualifies the exceptions in 2bi and 2bii with in such a position and condition as not to be likely to endanger any person or property

So the additional exceptions in 2bi and 2bii only apply if the first part of 2b is satisfied. Good luck convincing a police that 2b is satisfied if parked on a public road or in a public place (e.g. car park)


Oh, and there’s fuck all about whether it’s locked or not, which was your original attempt at an argument.

@bmtell can pack them in one of his removal boxes

Never liked the practice of idling cars to defrost them. Warm engine / cold drive chain OCD doesn’t rest easy with me.
Plus it is very antisocial.


open the windows a bit and put music on full blast, drowns out the idling engine.