Jim being wrong about cars

The Tesla Semi is pending a lot of orders from the huge hitters, to service supply chains.
Range over 600 miles estimated.

That would be some sight.

In other news, It was bloody great this morning to turn on climate to high (only ten mins before I left for work) and step into a car that was frost free and toasty, while my car was iced solid and a good ten minutes away from being able to see out of it!

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Haven’t you got a second key for your car then? If so, it’s just as easy - get in car, start engine/defrosting, lock car with other key, go back inside for a coffee and toast while if de-frosts,

Same old, not new tech.

LOL, idling a cold engine for 10 minutes solid. OK.

I know you’re a big fan of greenhouse gases, but still.


Doesn’t need 10 mins if you stick a brick on the pedal.


Can’t see your point, on tickover it doesn’t use much fuel, with the added benefit of a warm/more manageable engine when you drive off…

Expensive as well. Surprised there are not more affordable medium sized options by now.

Pretty sure his point is that it’s properly cunty.

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There is a lovely feature on my BMW were I can set a time for the climate to switch on, as long as there is enough battery life. Lovely toasty car in the mornings with no frost.

And against the law in the Highway Code.

Strictly speaking the highway code isn’t law. But yes, the police take a dim view.

I was trying to think of a better word than law, but yes. And you can be fined.

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What, not if it’s on private property…

The general consensus seems to be it is quite cunty. Stop it.

No, but it doesn’t affect his other point about it being cunty.

Cunty is, as cunty does…have a box of chocs :roll_eyes:

Heated seats anyone?

Do people actually still idle petrol and diesel cars for 10 minutes to warm them up? Fucking hell.

No. Even the manuals say not to do it. @Jim only read the parts about PDCC and 0-60, though.

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No, a lot of people don’t bother to clear the windows, cunts.

Yeah, much better to drive off with steamed up windows and risk an accident :smirk: