JP's car - I Ignored the Advice and Bought What I'd Already Decided on


A mate had one (520d) last week as a loaner while his 3 was in the garage. It was smooth, pulled well on the motorway and was quiet. Really nice car.


Astra mk3 estate

The official car of the Scalford hi fi show 9 years running.


All good stories start with that.


Audi for me.

From your shortlist I would take the BMW.


Mazda RX-8.


Not tried one yet. Will sniff one out.


BMW is more interesting to drive, but get the M-Sport version as the non-M-Sport is floppy and sluggish.

My personal choice would be the Merc, as I prefer Mercs, they are more comfortable, bigger inside, quieter, dealers are better and have more gadgets. The BMW will be more economical, I am getting 48mpg on my C220 Estate, where as my old 320d got 51MPG. You will arrive less stressed in a Merc.

Audi, yeah right, A6 pants.

I really liked the Volvo XC60 I drove recently, nice car. But obviously a very complicated seat adjuster that only a few can handle :laughing:


People will let you out of junctions in a Merc :+1:


An old Lexus.


Buy an Alfa Guilia


It would be an offence to Alfas to turn up to a golfist establishment in one.


He’s not made of money you know!

New drugs not working then? :upside_down_face:

You do know that’s just a glorified trim level now?


Nope :crazy_face:




Different suspension and steering.


Well spotted - rougher ride and twitchier handling too, but no extra grunt. Bargain :ok_hand:


If you get the adaptive suspension (mandatory, IMO) then there the same.


Have you tried asking for more sexual intercourse?


Thanks, Pot :+1: