JP's car - I Ignored the Advice and Bought What I'd Already Decided on




At least Pot acknowledges when he gets something spectacularly wrong, you cunt :smiley:


It would have broken down long before it reached the golf course…


On the basis that he has to actually get places to get paid, perhaps not, lol.


I am never wrong, I am “differently right”.

Stop repressing me, I know my rights! :confounded:


But not your wrongs?


No Sir! Nevah Sir!


Mercedes. For no reason what so ever.


Of thoses 2 I’d get the BMW without hesitation. The new shape e class has a nasty interior, too much shiny in and around the plastic looking dash. The BMWs ride well at motorway speeds but a bit crashy at town speeds. (Went to Gatwick last week in a new 5, good car)


Has anyone suggested a Suzuki Jimny yet?



Grace, pace & space :+1:


@edd9000 would like that :slight_smile:


Oh yes, or a Gaz.


Should be enough headroom with a bit of adjustment.


If you want comfort you could consider a Chrysler 300C. It would come with loads of gadgets for less money than your suggestions. Without the perceived value of the German cars the depreciation from new is quite high, so it’s a good used buy.

Edit: it’s also 5m long, so I’m assuming you’d fit in


a) not getting to Pringle central is not necessarily a bad thing
b) behold in wonder as I use my sample size of one Alfa of a different model to emphatically disprove any slurs on their reliability.


I’m not talking about being to get to the end of your driveway, but get as far as a golf course…


Japanese. No. :slight_smile:


That wasn’t a serious suggestion Jim :grinning:


Moments before impact.