JP's car - I Ignored the Advice and Bought What I'd Already Decided on


Only 3 more sleeps…


Yeah but it’s no wankel. :grin:


Where’s the fun in buying a car that doesn’t need it’s engine rebuilt every second day?!


You see, you are coming round to my way of thinking :+1:


make sure you join the AA


He’s already a member you clot.

How do you think he manages to post on here?


2 AAs for 2 different types of breakdown.


could be 3…


I have given you the correct advice. [chest thump]


The right choice in the end. And, going on the evidence here, if it breaks down, he’ll be able to pull it to a garage…


Is there perhaps a helpful “which wigwamwanker’s which” thread on here? I don’t know who half of you are from the username, but get a good car thread rolling and some true colours start to seap out…though not all




‘‘Twas the reference to Mibby that had me wondering?



I refer the honorable posters to my post on a different thread a month ago

"James will get a BMW 5 of some description.
it does not matter if there are better (for him) cars out there he has set his heart on one.
He is already imagining himself driving one and already imagining parking it at the Golf Club :grinning:

he has probably already picked the colour"



Mibby =Men In Black

Mind you, the avatar gives it away anyway


You could always pop over for the Yorkshire Roast-Off and meat many of them!


Meat them? I’m not sure that’s my thing, tbh

I’m all for meeting at a bakeoff though, but there aren’t may of them in Copenhagen these days


I can see how you may have had an unfortunate/unsettling/unique experience in the past, but we are not all like Sodders you know.


Twas always thus. Fancied one for 15 years. Especially in blue with cream leather interior. Just surprised myself be actually liking that Mercedes.


You’ve reached that age Jimbo.