JP's car - I Ignored the Advice and Bought What I'd Already Decided on


That’s too old


Best go armoured then


Excellent choice.

Could I request, however, that you avoid any of the chavtastic M kits that seem near ubiquitous in the U.K?

It never ceases to be a source of bemusement that these are vastly more popular in the uk than any other BMW market.

Buy an M5 / 335biturbo by all means, but an M kit on a 520d is a no no, albeit a popular one


I’d never go near a Beemer. Seen far too many waiting for recovery at the side of the road.


Fxt for the real world.


Worst. Anecdote. Ever.


But true.


I’m sure you’ve got a spotty little trainspotter’s notebook that proves it.


You are funny.:smiley:


I actually keep a notebook for when I see a BMW moving under it’s own steam rather than on the back of a lorry, cos it’s so rare.

You’d have to be a compleat CLOWN to own a BMW :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Pic related, a typical BMW -



I now actually own a BMW so look out for me at the side of the road with all the Lotus and TVR drivers.


Have you used your indicators yet?


What are those?


Excellent, I’ll just drive by instead of letting you out of that junction :+1::grin:


Which engine?


Oof. you speed edited while I mugged you off.

2l Deseasesl 4 pot. The one everyone told me not to get.

Test drive showed that Mibby had a point, but not enough to put me off. It will help maximize my benefit from opting out. 2 years time I’ll have another think.


5 Series?


Yes. The exact one linked to above.


Are you pleased with it then?


Pick it up Friday, but after 2 test drives, yes. I loved it. Bear in mind this is BY FAR the poshest car I’ve ever owned, so almost anything was a step up from Mondeo and Passat land.