Junghans Max Bill 38mm Automatic watch

Junghans Max Bill automatic milanaise strap.

I have owned this from new.
Comes with original box and papers.
Worn 6 times only.
Immaculate condition no marks or scratches.
Watch is 38mm
Model no 027/4002.44

Price £1,100 Inc delivery in UK.



Must resist!

Even faster instant gratification, you can pick it up :grinning:

Not seen much i like in watch threads but that i like. Ive never been a watch wearer.

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They really are good watches and good value fo me for money. Sadly I have committed to a taxidermy hawk and other stupid purchases before this came up.


Bird in the hand and all that, eh?


The perils of alcohol and the internet :grinning:


I was completely sober! This time

Loon, then

Was it a quick romance?


I saw them at the Roundhouse in '84.


Yes, it’s lovely. Had it been bigger, I would have been tempted, but tiny watch is tiny. :confused:

I wouldn’t call 38mm tiny but it certainly isn’t a dinner plate :grinning:

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Yeah and no bezel so wears big for its size. Not a small watch.

I have one of these but with numbers and leather strap

Keep it they’re fantastic watches.

I haven’t got the biggest wrist it is true but this is how it wears on me

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Ah, you see you’ve just made a schoolboy error there. It’s now been worn 7 times, not 6, therefore it’s been devalued.

I’ll give you £50 for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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£51 and not a farthing more :face_with_monocle:

Ah, an auction!
Not met the reserve yet unfortunately :grinning:

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They’re just cheapskates…I’ll give you £151…