Just what I feckin' need

TT has only gone and shat a rivet :frowning:

Could have been worse, I could have been stuck at home, with heaps of time to spare to listen to it :rage:

Fuck !


Do you have a technical term for this?

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On switch on it started making a noise like the platter was rubbing. So, removed the platter and still a rubbing noise. Lifted the idler wheel off the motor shaft and still a rubbing noise.
This took about 2 or 3 minutes and in this time the motor mount became hot to the touch.
Looks like the motor is gerfucken ! :rage:

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Doesn’t sound great :frowning_face:

What TT is it?

Sprockets come askew from treadle.

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Giggling pin come adrift from laughing shaft.

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Its Corona’s curse on hifi, striking again :scream:

At this moment, my giggling pin has come adrift from my laughing shaft :rage:


Good job you sorted out a streaming setup recently.:wink:


There’s nothing really to go wrong with those motors that you can’t fix with basic tools.
Once its cool spin the conical drive shaft by hand. If it feels rough then you’ll need to service it. Dead easy - if you’re handy and can follow guides on lenco heaven.
Combination of readjusting the nose screw, aligning the motor in the chassis and lubing the bearings. Thats it really.

Post a few pics with the platter off if you can be arsed and I’ll see if I can spot anything obvious


That is an excellently helpful post.

Thanks a heap @gthang.

I’ll do that when the light is better.

Ok. Have you fully removed the motor’s 2 transit screws?

The light’s fucked too?

Not having much luck today, are you?


Don’t worry, normal service will resume shortly.

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I can see you’re going to be an excellent NHS Volunteer when it comes to making the supportive phone calls :+1: :grin:.



It just comes naturally, that’s why I know I can make a difference :crazy_face: