Anyone going? I know there’s a few members exhibiting.

We could get these for identification.

I’m going, not exhibiting, though.



I’m not going. I hope everyone who does go has a lovely time though. It is the best organised annual Care-in-the-Community event for the ageing audiophool I know of. Apart from Munich. Or Bristol. Or CES.

Anyway, I’m sure it will be jolly good fun.

I am spending far too much of my time on motorways these days so won’t be going.
I will get my hifi fix by going to Munich which is quicker and cheaper to get to.

I’m going. Rude not to as it’s nearby and I’m not entrenched in the politics.
There’s a few attending I know and maybe one mate exhibiting.

we were pondering a long weekend, but Louise doesn’t think Kegworth is as interesting as Melton and the surrounding area. We might drive up for a day visit.

Kegworth What?

It is the new venue for 'Scalford’
I hope it works well and is a great success

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I will be going to Scalford and parking in a ditch whilst eating a pork pie :pie: in remembrance


Why would anybody go to Kegworth on purpose?

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Whenever Kegworth is mentioned, I always think of the plane crash :slightly_frowning_face:

Any more moaning and it’s thread deletion.

It is what it is.


I’m showing my 301 with Paradise phono ,I see the show as a place to meet old friends and make new ones,have a good pissup on the Saturday and spin some tunes…nothing more than that …If anyone is by chance deciding to go feel free to call in …( I’ll have some nice sweeties in a bowl though no pie!:gift:


will you have toasted hot cross buns with salted butter?

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I’m going as a visitor.

I’ve been looking forward to your “Meh” all day…

I is disappoint

That is reserved to the F1 thread.

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I shall have to go. A bed in the room will make a refreshing change to the customary effilump.

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I thought this thread was like the old Dad jokes henweigh or piecost