I’ll be there. See you Mickey.


Read the ‘wear a hat badge’ idea in OP . It seems We’ve got a disaffection for actual name badges. I got a Blue Badge and neck tag recently and would like to direct any other such (be)nighted audioholics to check out the WW hifi show site for detail of entry.


At the risk on being hung from the nearest yard arm.
I am exhibiting at the Show.
I enjoyed my first time exhibiting last year and so have chosen to do so again this year and just like SAP7 I’d rather not get too involved in the politics.
I’ll have three turntables in my vinyl only room. If you are attending come and say hello.


We all already know who you are, Rob’s Dad :wink: No need for a badge …


Are there really any politics after all this time? I think that pretty much all of us would like the show to go well, and hope you have fun exhibiting :+1:


Be a bit silly if we all have a name badge, they would all say “Mr Cunt”


I’ll be there as a visitor - amusingly it was Mrs. B who suggested we ought to go! She’s dragging me to a posh hotel not far away to make a weekend of it, though.


Undecided yet. Maybe.


By a shopping centre?


If you do, please pop in and say hello.
If you can bear my “music” that is… :open_mouth:


Be better to call when Robins choice of music is playing :rofl:


Are you bringing your clangers CD?


Can I bring my Weepin’ Willie?


No, take the antibiotics…:wink:


hope to go if i can , its always throws up some hidden gems





third time lucky :wink:




corrected , ta chaps


Well I’m in disguise nowadays. Since being adjusted by an electronic insert I’m looking more cyborg ish . Also the lack of the walking stick may deceive many ( an Emogi should be here which indicates tongue in cheek but I can’t find it). Hope to CU Sunday .