Just imagine if AA were to show a system at Kegworth what would it be?
I would nominate Jim’s CocoSan BTJ Phono Stage and Guy’s Home Made Horns for starters.


Cocos speaker


Jim’s TT


Denon mini system with one prog cd on repeat then fuck off to the bar. Fuck that listening to music shit.


Salted and unsalted butter churn system with Schumann and Scalar enhancements built into a pyramid crowned with a mince pie. Guys R2R on duty playing a dubbed tape of Stings fields of gold. A blazing bonfire in the corner of the room will be surrounded by be-capped men grumbling and sporadically shouting fuck off and daggering passers by.


It would be funny to fill a room with so much foo (particularly Schumann & Scalar wave generators) and cable lifters natch, that there was little room for any hifi equipment at all. Maybe a Steepletone all in one but that should really be it.


Why would it need to be on repeat ?


aos had a room once , i am sure AA room would be brilliant


Grammatically correct :heart_eyes:

Edit, apart from the lack of the grocer


Yeah, but we’d have to give that prick Sowerby money for the privilege of attracting visitors to his show, so…


Isn’t it a couple of days this time? Is it enough time to repeat tack one at least?


Full Linn system playing Yello on a loop. Oh wait that’s been done…




Think it was 3 times with Tannoys,Celestions and Hecos


OK, Don’t remember the Tannoys.
The Celestions were excellent iirc


They, um, ‘divided opinion’ IIRC (but the likers might well have been in the majority).



Weren’t they SL6s? They do tend to polarise opinions. Did they have a sub?


Ditton 66


Those are the ones, no sub as far as I remember.


I thought the 66’s sounded really quite shit. Belong in a skip they do.