I’ll be going.

If it isn’t worse than Scalford was last year/previous year, I’ll exhibit next year.


When is it?


No idea, I’m setting off Monday morning.


I’m taking Avondale amps and speakers, I’d say rare, but then there’s Ian’s Terrible speakers and Tim’s Kurts which there’s a handful of pairs.

Slowly getting excited and will welcome any tat record selection except jazz, wait till Mickey’s DJ.


Yep starting to pack some kit up tonight ready for the weekend.
Looking forward to seeing a few of you guys from AA visiting my room.
I’ll look out for the badges :scream::flushed:




They need to work on their branding






did i see some boenicke w8 in the line up this year ? ah yes , playing with some john wood amps


Mavericks room.


yellow warning for snow on Sunday


It’s going to be cold again. That’s for sure.


It’ll be warm in my room with the 211’s burning all day long😀




Better than a warning for yellow snow on Sunday


Will some responsible Ttoirist please proffer some notes & images on the catering?
Will there be under the counter muffins?
Butter report - Salted Hand churned or hateful individual portions?
Tea served in bone china or polystyrene?

Side notes on the quality of ‘free enticements’ from trade are also most welcome.


It is important to note that the individually wrapped portions of ‘butter’ must have been stored at -60 and should have been left to warm up to -40 before serving.


Ole Russ is missing a trick there. Should be supplying Cryo - butter.


Oi ! My Jazz has soul