No they weren’t, I thought they sucked ass. :roll_eyes:


I’ve never heard any, maybe they will all end up in a skip before I get chance?


Bloody hell it was 8 years ago!

You lot have got a better memory for an argument than most women I know!


Another forum tagline writes itself…


No it doesn’t…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


More like it.


I thought the bass was all a bit flobbedy. Maybe the kt88 amp running them didn’t suit.
Marginally less shit than the Tannoys mind. Really don’t get Tannoys. Especially the 15" ones.


Well they’re fucking shit. At least SL6s would have been interesting.


I don’t think I’ve heard any speakers with an ABR that I like TBH.

I don’t mind the smaller Tannoys, but yes the 15" ones I heard were all wallow and flap IMHO.


Another strapline.


indeed , it was twice !


I’m planning to be there as a visitor. Just for old times’ sake …



There’s a fair few rooms hat have people I know this year.
If anyone wants to suggest a time and pick one for an AA hello? Can always do via a who is going PM to avoid upsetting those who have an axe to grind with the other place?


we might have a visit - haven’t decided yet - probably to be determined by how bored I get with bathroom and hall decorating.


I’ll be exhibiting with Robin, running the Audio Note room… :yum:
Any AA visitors please wear your “I am a cunt” badge for identification purposes.


The show does have anorak competition from


Only two good ones I have heard, Sonus Faber Extrema and Ensemble PA-1 Reference, both stand mounts and both use a rear ABR (Kef B139).


Hopefully there will be no agro at local service stations between the two groups


No chance, the Railway people won’t be driving.


ah now those audionote are a big motivation to go , that and nsm jantzen`s which i just love . at the moment i am somewhat beseiged with work and may not be able to make it .