Kent Bake and Slow Coffee Saturday 28th July


It sounded great but back to front type wiring? Looked odd.


Not quite back to front, more way out to the side. The tags are only just long enough. I quite like it but I am not sure the arm, cart and tt are the very best match. It would be great to have unlimited funds and play the field! We were playing some bass heavy music on Sunday morning and I thought it handled it alright.


What was the overall opinion of the Motus STST Turntable. This is a TT I’d love to own one day, but I’ve only ever heard one at a show never in someone’s home system.


It’s a great turntable, if the STST were a gherkin it would be




The switch is a bit of a worry :grinning:


Thought these came with IO Ltd as standard :grinning:


I wish! The silent music Hoover…


Have you checked the box, have a word with the dealer if it’s missing :smile:


If it was a bird the IO Ltd it would be an Eagle


Ah, It didn’t come from ‘The Dealer’. That’s probably where I went wrong… :roll_eyes:


Good Lord! :exploding_head:


She likes vinyl though (or gimp masks made from old LP’s)


Why won’t the video play? :rage:


Cos Chris has stuck the frames together :wink:


put some coins in the slot


I think we know where Simon @ziggymarley gets his budgie smugglers now.


Just put my hifi on for the first time since Ritchie’s. My speakers sound like whiny little screechboxes :+1:


Must get a listen to Ritchie’s in his front room one day


That’s just you singing along to Celine Dion.