Kent Bake and Slow Coffee Saturday 28th July


Chilli with everything…


Was it busy today?


Not too bad, wild day! There was actually some headcase swimming! :flushed:


Not surprised. There’s a ‘go swimming on Xmas Day club’ here. My neighbour goes every year.




I forgot to un-rock the headgear indoors because I’m getting a bit elderly and forgetful.


Aww, don’t spoil it man!


Well I wish I had made this. Instead I had just over a day of fun at a festival, followed by the kids being utter cunts to each other and torrential rain. Ho hum.


Lesson learned. Don’t bother indulging your kids. :grinning:


Meh :roll_eyes:



Not barbarian, more Barbary :thinking:


I just read my last few posts here. I must have been excited, every sentence ends in an exclamation mark. :roll_eyes: Today it’s Monday, I’m tired and bored, the bubble has burst and you’re all cunts. :+1:


Harsh but fair :+1:


Just lie back and think of the Dick pics



Sounds like a rough day hun. Fun fact - Every time you yawn you fellate a ghost


Nah, my dreams were about a semi- naked OAP. :wink::open_mouth::rofl:


That sounds a bit awkward.


I’m still eating ribs!


What was the cartridge you had going, iv’e never seen anything like it.


Clearaudio Reference Wood. Did you like it Dave? Don’t hold back if you didn’t, I’d genuinely like to know what you thought.