Kent Bake and Slow Coffee Saturday 28th July


Looking forward to this, been a bit silent lately, we still on?


Hope so.


Better promote someone off the bench, I am unable to make this. Apologies yet again…:disappointed:


Afraid I can no longer make it either.


Sad to not be able to come along.


Still on for sure. :+1:I’ve just been a bit too busy for the forum the last week or so. I’m sorry we have some folk that can’t make it…


Priorities man! Call yourself a moderator? Tsk



Actually, I think it was you who called me a moderator, I just agreed! :grinning: I’ll try and pull my socks up. The forum is what happens while you’re busy making other plans…


Aaaahhhh!!! missed this thread, can I be on the subs bench please? any chance of a bit of floorspace to crash as well?


Someone inserts ‘the picture’ as proof.




Have you got the coffee on yet Ritchie :grin:



Will have a look at the bench later, work is getting in the way at the moment. :rage:


Could you stick me down as a possible over-nighter Ritch? That gives me the option of getting thoroughly pissed* if necessary :laughing:

(*doing a Lebowsky)




When putting my name down for this I’d forgotten about a wedding that I’m going to which clashes. So will have to cancel. Sorry about that.


The bride and groom will be so disappointed.


No worries Graham. :+1:


Can’t remember if I’ve asked Ritchie, but can I overnight too?