Kent Bake and Slow Coffee Saturday 28th July


You didn’t but I suspected you might. Will be fine but may be inflatable bed. I can’t remember who I promised beds to now but it’s on the OP.

Edit; you can always spoon with Jim. :+1:




Still hoping to make this. Unfortunately the car is having its gearbox rebuilt next week so I will be on public transport, what is your nearest train station?


Hmm, front or back: threat of anal rape or explosive fart. What a choice.


I will be driving down, for an early arrival. Could pick you up at station, if we can time it right.


Cheers Gregg, if we can work it so as not to inconvenience you that would be most helpful.


Ashford International. Where in Kent are you now Paul?


Great, I’m in Gravesend so can get the high speed, that isn’t, direct to Ashford. :+1:


I’ll be getting to Ashford too but from the other direction. We could make a time and meet there mate.


Sounds goods Jim :+1:


We can arrange a time, and I can collect both of you.


So, Terry @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi, Dean @SCIDB, Steve @SAP7 and Chris @thebiglebowski; you are all in if you fancy it. Sleeping arrangements are probably down to sofas, inflatables and floor (Lebowski likes the floor) but bring an inflatable/Sleeping bag if you think you may like a drink- I expect we can find space.

Will PM directions at the weekend. :+1:


I’ll struggle as I’m working both afternoons that weekend after just getting back from a holiday.
Not sure I can sort time off.
Have to be a no, sadly. If I can sort something I’ll shout.


Sorry Ritchie, I can’t make it now.

Strayans over :unamused:


Looking forward to a bakeoff with Tidal/Roon.


Anyone bringing any gear?


Should you be posting that on an open forum? :upside_down_face:


that is all behind me now…


I could manage a phono stage on the train but if Jim is bringing his there seems little point. Might put a cartridge in my pocket.


Anything specific you need, or want for a second system?