Kent Bake and Slow Coffee Saturday 28th July


I thought about a second system but where to put it is an issue. Upstairs would mean a bit too much upheaval to try and get some speakers and a listening position I think. Downstairs in the basement would be great but there isn’t a door on it and there would be a bit too much noise from the main system on the ground floor and vice versa.


@Jim 's phono might be nice…


But, but, you already have a coco LCR…:thinking:


So did you when you commissioned another :grinning:


Tis a bit confusing…

Pete built a two box LCR a few years back for @Ruprecht which he subsequently sold to me. i used it very successfully for three years until Pete made me the current BTJ9000S. At that point I sold the existing one to Ritchie…


Sorry, I can’t make it. Too much to do at work before summer holiday.

I was looking forward to a mug of Birds Mellow as well :frowning:


Richie I’m going to have to pull out , I’ve got a few snags on my extension and all needs to be done by Tuesday.

Sorry fella next time I hope


No worries Pete and John, another time. :blush:


You playing hard to get Jim? :grinning:


I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend either, Jenny really isn’t well. Really sorry about this I was really looking forward to it.


Just tried a tiny speck of one of these. Fucking hell! @coco have you tried these in a chilli? Not sure that it would need more than one. My mouth is still on fire since I ate it 15mins ago and I have had a glass of milk since!


Yes, I used two in a big pot. Came out about the same as using four Nagas! Very hot.


Not at all Ritch, No worries bring the BTJ. Silver Slagle too?


wassamarrer with you. it’s only two million scovs :rofl:


mouth-fire is the least of your worries, just you wait to the morning, you’ll need a bidet full of iced cow juice…


Sorry to hear that John, I hope she gets better soon. No worries about the bake, I’m sure there will be other opportunities. :blush:


Not sure that there is much kit that can be put into your system given it’s make up.
I will bring some records, which I failed to do at Lopwell.


@Wayward sorry but I’m going to have to cry off this one, fucking back is still giving me loads of grief.


Shame, hope you feel better soon Chris. :+1:


Going to have to cancel as the missus has too many reports to finish before going on holiday so I have to do the children herding…arse, I was looking forward to putting faces to names.
Have a good one.