Kent Bake and Slow Coffee Saturday 28th July


Looks like Hammerite.


Trying for the emo hipster look


Commendable but gluttony ?


Nearly ready - Ritchie’s (2x carolina reaper) chilli :flushed: :flushed::heart_eyes:


…and bbq ribs :yum:



Remember to vape


I guess you are still waiting for a coffee :smirk:


What time does the bongo rock odyssey begin?


They are actually congas :slight_smile: Just a small point, but I feel it is necessary to point out.

Doesn’t detract from the humour of your post in any way.


Nice edit




Terrific day all round. Cheers Ritchie.

Heard some new to me music in that lovely music room on a tasty system. Most of the time the TT even went at the right speed :joy::joy:

On the train back to the coast now.

Oh yeah, fab food as well.

Edit: Just got home, good journey as well :+1:



A great day, Ritchie’s hospitality, system and home made for a great day. Excellent music, drink, food and the company wasn’t to shabby either.
Thanks Ritchie and thanks to Kev for the lift back to the train stn. :+1:


I think everyone has beaten me to it and covered most of the bases, but thank you once again to Ritchie for such a fantastic day, and many thanks to Kevin for the lift.

I still don’t think that I’m going to get the 5 power amps option past the wife without a bit of a struggle.


Now chillin’ with the ST ST and BTJ. Sounds superb :heart_eyes:


Cracking day yesterday Ritchie, the system was sounding superb, was great to meet up with quite a few people I hadn’t seen in ages, the catering was beyond awesome!

Great day, many thanks :grinning:


Hi Ritchie, a great day out in the *unt Kentryside. Fabulous coffee, sounds and nosh. Thanks for all your hospitality and effort.



Thanks Richie for a fantastic day. The room, system, food, music and company were all just amazing. Learned lots and new sounds to buy. Plus all the work and cooking you put in.


“Tell me again why Tidal is crap?”