Kent Bake and Slow Coffee Saturday 28th July


All was going great until Jim the barbarian decided he needed sugar in your coffee art. Should’ve just given him a cup of piss, clearly knows nothing about coffee. :cry:

Thanks Ritchie for a fab bake off, was great to see everyone and catch up.

Oh, and that chilli was bloody marvellous, need the recipe!


Gutted I missed this one. Spent the day clearing work emails :frowning_face:


Thanks Richie, had a fantastic day, system sounding superb and food and coffee incredibubble.


We have just realised that the power supplies for the lower mids were not on this morning… :rofl:


Suspect most of the lower mids were well filled by the home cooked food.

Shame I was unable to make this, hopefully next time.


Lower mids are overrated anyway.


Ah, was only this morning they weren’t switched on.




The Mahler sounded surprisingly good considering!


I did actually think it was sounding a little thin, but put it down to the recording.


Thanks Ritchie for a great afternoon of food, high fedelity, and friendship. Abouts those missing Mids, just goes to show what you can get away with fantastic kit playing muzak…





Something wrong with your camera mate. The photo of me in the garden makes me look like a fat cunt


In which case you’d be hard to be picked out…




Clearly why I fit right in here…


You only just fit in the garden :grinning:


Regrettably true :disappointed_relieved:


Rocking the India Jones weekend casual look :slight_smile:

(Not Mark - he’s still cultivating his hipster beardo style).


Awesome weekend Ritchie. My new favourite system (apologies to my old favourite systems).